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The Top Electric Kids’ Cars and Power Wheels Brands

Elegant Electronix works with many luxury vehicle brands to create miniature versions of real luxury cars. Our ride-on cars and power wheels are designed with kids’ needs in mind and the style and flair of the cars they are based on. Here are the top brands we work with to create our electric kids’ cars and power wheels.

About Elegant Electronix

At Elegant Electronix, we take pride in creating high-quality toy cars modeled after some of the most luxurious, iconic vehicle brands on the market.

Many of our ride-on cars are licensed, meaning they are approved by the official brand as a replica of the original car. For example, a licensed Lamborghini ride-on car would feature the same stylistic details and license as the model of Lamborghini it is based on. Unlicensed cars are simply inspired by the original car and do not replicate its design exactly.


Mercedes-Benz is a German luxury car brand known for selling high-quality commercial vehicles since its founding in 1926. These vehicles are well known for their quality and durability.

Our ride-on Mercedes-Benz cars are just as well-made and durable as the cars they’re based on! They include four heavy-duty motors and comfortable leather seats with functional seatbelts. Several of our Mercedes models include a touchscreen TV, which features an MP3 player and AUX cord.


This Italian luxury car brand is famous for its iconic supercars. Lamborghini’s exclusive nature, sleek design, and high-performance engines make them a paragon of the luxury car world.

Our Lamborghini ride-on cars feature the stylish butterfly doors that make Lambos so special. They are built with realistic carbon fiber accents to give them an extra touch of quality. Your little one can ride in style while listening to their favorite tunes via the built-in FM radio and MP3 player with Bluetooth connectivity. Many of these vehicles are also available as a kids' ride-on two-seater, so your child will be able to effortlessly cruise with their friend or sibling.

Chevy Camaro

The popularity of the Transformers movies made an entire generation fall in love with Bumblebee, the iconic yellow Camaro. These movies made such an impact that General Motors used the films to launch the reimagined design of the Camaro.

If your little one loves these cars, we have just the thing. Our ride-on Chevy Camaro looks just like the real thing. It runs on a 12-volt battery with three speeds and includes a functional shifter that allows your kiddo to switch between Forward, Park, and Reverse. The lockable doors and interactive seatbelt allow your little one to buckle up and go for a spin.


BMW’s luxury vehicles are known for their stunning craftsmanship and high performance. Unlike most luxury cars, they also feature an all-wheel drive that can handle snow and off-road conditions.

At Elegant Electronix, we manufacture BMW cars and motorcycles. Our motorcycles feature realistic working headlights and make actual motorcycle sounds! Your kiddo will love the realistic handlebar throttle, and you’ll love the rechargeable battery that boasts several hours of battery life!

Our Baby Beamer runs on a 12-volt battery and has all the luxury and performance of a real BMW car. Its anti-skid tires ensure your little one never loses traction while cruising down the sidewalk. It features fully functional doors, a steering wheel horn, an MP3 entertainment system with Bluetooth capability, and working LED lights.


Jeep has set itself apart as a brand made for adventurers and by adventurers. Beloved by off-roaders and anyone with a passion for the outdoors, Jeeps can tackle any terrain you throw at them.

Just like the vehicles they’re based upon, our Jeep power wheels can tackle rougher terrain and steeper hills than regular ride-on cars. The cars are lifted to prevent them from getting snagged on branches and debris, and they drive on oversized EVA tires that work just like rubber ones. They include a bright LED light bar and real shocks, just like an actual Jeep!

The vehicle’s four motors allow it to drive through tall grass and keep on trucking. It has an extended 12-volt battery that lets it reach a top speed of 5 miles per hour. Depending on the size of the riders, this car can work as either a one- or two-seater. This allows you to get even more use out of the vehicle and ensures your kiddos will have some quality bonding time while exploring in their new Jeep!

Range Rover

While many teenagers’ dream car is the fastest, coolest sports car on the market, many adults dream about the Range Rover. It has all the benefits of a standard SUV, with plenty of storage and seating for your kids and all their friends. However, it is also an iconic, luxurious vehicle with a high-quality interior and beautiful design.

Kiddos with a refined sense of style will love our Range Rover electric car. Available in three colors, this mini vehicle works as both an electric ride-on car and a stroller. It features a retractable sunshade cover, two different speeds, and a remote control for parents. Plus, you can enjoy listening to music together while taking your little one for a stroll. The MP3 player with AUX and USB input allows you to choose the tunes! To let your child explore on their own, simply remove the sunshade, retract the pushing handle, and send them on their way!

Elegant Electronix Lifted Buggies

Kids who are always begging to go faster will love our collection of lifted buggies. With an extended 12-volt battery and four motors, these mini 4x4s can tackle anything you throw at them. With a maximum speed of five miles per hour, they are sure to satisfy your little speed demon.

These buggies are perfect for future off-roaders. Features include four-wheel drive, a touchscreen TV unit with an AUX cord, upgraded suspension, and large, rugged EVA tires. Your little one will feel just like they’re driving the real thing, thanks to working headlights and taillights and realistic engine sounds.

These are just a few of the top brands available in our kid’s electric cars and power wheel models. Your little one is in great hands at Elegant Electronix, whether you’re looking for a miniature supercar or a tough-as-nails power wheel.

The Top Electric Kids’ Cars and Power Wheels Brands

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