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7 of the Most Common Myths About Electric Scooters

By Brian Hong February 14, 2023

7 of the Most Common Myths About Electric Scooters

Electric scooters are becoming more and more popular with kids and adults alike. However, some misconceptions prevent people from buying them. Here are seven of the most common myths about electric scooters and why they aren’t true.

Electric Scooter Basics

First, what is an electric scooter? In case you are unaware, a scooter consists of a footboard mounted between two wheels and handlebars that help the rider steer. Traditional scooters operate much like skateboards, with the rider pushing their foot against the pavement to accelerate and remain at their preferred speed.

Electric scooters, on the other hand, have an electric motor. You don’t need to kick off the pavement to move them; instead, press the throttle. The electric motor does all the work for you! Electric scooters also have a braking system in the steering handle. Full-sized electric scooters typically suit teenagers and adults rather than small children.

Myth 1: Electric Scooters Are Bad for the Environment

This myth stems from the fact that electric scooters require energy to operate. While it is true that an electric scooter is less eco-friendly than walking, biking, or using a traditional scooter, that fact does not make electric scooters harmful overall.

Walking or using a zero-waste method of transportation is often not practical for many people. This impracticality is true for several reasons, such as distance, time, or apparel—after all, the clothing you wear to work rarely matches your workout attire.

Electric scooters are a much more sustainable option than traditional cars. While they still may not be practical for grocery store trips, owning one makes it easier to choose the environmentally friendly option when grabbing a coffee from down the street.

Myth 2: Electric Scooters Can’t Hold a Charge

Many people are afraid that electric scooters have such a short battery life that they will die after just a short drive. While the average battery life is relatively low—at about one hour of constant use—more expensive models can last as long as three and a half hours.

In terms of distance, this means that most scooters can go anywhere from 10 to 80 miles between charges, with long-range scooters lasting anywhere from 20 to 100 miles.

That’s a wide range, so consider what you or your child will use the scooter for. If it’s just to ride around the street, an option with a smaller battery might be fine. If they intend to ride it to school, however, they may need an option that can go longer between charges.

Myth 3: Electric Scooter Batteries Have a Short Lifespan

In terms of the actual life of the battery, most last between two and four years before requiring a replacement, which translates to anywhere from 3,000 to 5,000 miles. To extend the life of the scooter’s battery, you’ll need to take diligent care of it.

As you work to extend the life of your battery, there are some things to keep in mind. Firstly, don’t overcharge it. Leaving the scooter to charge past 100 percent will wear out the battery. It’s also wise to store the scooter in temperatures within the range of 32-113 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures outside this range can damage the battery and reduce its functional lifespan.

Myth 4: Electric Scooters Are Extremely Expensive

Some parents think that electric scooters are incredibly expensive, making them out of budget for some. But on average, most scooters cost around $300. This is incredibly affordable for a mode of transportation, especially considering the average cost of gas.

Your child riding their electric scooter to school will cost less than a dollar a day. And while it’s true that some electric scooters can cost more than $600, these tend to be fancier models designed for adults.

Myth 5: Electric Scooters Have a High Accident Risk

The number of accidents per year on electric scooters is much lower than that of cars and bikes. As with bicycles, most scooter accidents occur because of people driving cars. As electric scooters increase in popularity, more cities and towns will plan for them, creating designated spaces for them to drive.

In the meantime, explain to your child how to operate the scooter safely, especially if they plan on riding it to school or friends’ houses. Make sure they know how to use the bike lanes correctly or transition onto a sidewalk. As long as your child is mature enough to ride safely, they should have no trouble arriving at their destination.

Myth 6: Electric Scooters Take Up Too Much Space

You’d be surprised how little space electric scooters take up in your garage. Especially when compared to cars or even bikes, these devices aren’t that much of a hassle.

On a community level, some people worry that scooters will block sidewalks or parking spaces. But there should be no issue if there is a designated space to put them, much like a bike rack for cyclists. After all, one scooter takes up far less space than one car.

Myth 7: Electric Scooters Go Unused

This myth is also mostly referring to a community-level issue. However, it can also come into play if you’re considering purchasing one for your child.

Many believe that community center scooters go unused, wasting the city’s tax dollars and cluttering public spaces. However, that is simply not the case. Cities with shared biking and scooter programs have seen a great deal of success with them. Tourists occasionally try them out, but locals often rely on them to navigate the city. They are especially popular in walkable urban areas, such as downtown areas and college campuses.

If you’re considering purchasing your child their own electric scooter, know that they will get plenty of use out of it. They may even want to take it to college to make getting around campus easier.

If you’re interested in purchasing your child a kids’ luxury car or scooter, look no further than Elegant Electronix. You’re sure to find the perfect choice in our extensive collection of kid’s vehicles. With those seven common electric scooter myths debunked, maybe you’ll even choose one of our electric scooters for yourself!

7 of the Most Common Myths About Electric Scooters

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