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24-Volt Electric Cars for Kids


If you’re looking for the perfect ride-on for an older child, don’t expect your kid to be satisfied with just any model of electric vehicle. They’re going to want something much faster, which is why we always have a selection of 24-volt electric cars for kids available on our online store. Whether you think your child would prefer a classic go-kart or a top-of-the-line motorcycle ride-on, we’ve got the 24v powered ride-ons your older kid desires. We even have a line of 24-volt ride-on cars that have the built-in ability to drift when turning. There’s no way your son or daughter won’t have a blast with a feature like that! Check out our collection below.

24V Lifted Ford Super Duty for Kids

$1,255.00 $1,674.00
SAVE $419.00

Drifting Go-Kart for Kids

$489.00 $837.00
SAVE $348.00

The Claw | 24V Electric Excavator for Kids

$1,256.00 $1,674.00
SAVE $418.00

The Drifter | Drifting Go-Kart for Kids

$558.00 $837.00
SAVE $279.00

Mini Drifter for Kids | 24V

$405.00 $837.00
SAVE $432.00

Drifting Go Kart for Kids | 24V Pink

$489.00 $837.00
SAVE $348.00

24V Monster Buggy for Kids

$1,047.00 $1,395.00
SAVE $348.00

Ride-On Go-Kart

$489.00 $837.00
SAVE $348.00

Drifting Go Kart for Kids | 24V Red

$489.00 $837.00
SAVE $348.00