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How To Modify Kids' Power Wheels To Go Faster

By Brian Hong July 08, 2024

How To Modify Kids' Power Wheels To Go Faster

As your kids get older, they might become ready for a more thrilling ride on their power wheels. With a few simple modifications, you can safely boost the speed of their electric ride-on toys, bringing even more excitement to their outdoor adventures. Read on to learn how to modify your kids’ power wheels to go faster and transform their driving experience.

Purchase a Battery With a Higher Voltage

One of the simplest and most effective ways to make your kids' power wheels go faster is to buy a battery with a higher voltage than your current one. For example, if their vehicle has a 12-volt battery, try replacing it with a 24-volt battery to see a significant boost in speed.

However, before making this switch, ensure the vehicle's motor and electrical components can handle the increased power to avoid any potential damage. Additionally, it's essential to monitor the battery's temperature and usage duration to maintain safety. If the battery works in the vehicle, you will successfully enhance its performance and provide your kids with exhilarating and extended playtime.

Add New Tires That Provide More Traction

Another way to modify your kids’ power wheels to go faster is to upgrade their tires to give them better traction. Standard plastic tires that come with ride-on toys can wear out quickly and struggle on uneven or slippery terrain.

Replacing them with EVA or off-road tires can significantly enhance the vehicle's grip and stability, allowing for smoother rides. High-traction tires will also provide better control and handling, reducing the risk of skidding or getting stuck.

Ensure you choose the right size and type of tire that is compatible with your kids’ specific power wheel model. The appropriate tires will allow them to enjoy a safer and more adventurous driving experience on various surfaces.

Get an Electric Speed Controller

Installing an electric speed controller (ESC) can be a game-changer when it comes to enhancing the performance of your kids' power wheel. An ESC allows for precise control over the speed of the vehicle, offering a smoother acceleration and deceleration experience.

This addition is particularly useful when you've upgraded the battery to a higher voltage and want to ensure the increased speed is manageable and safe. You can configure the speed controller to set maximum speed limits, giving you peace of mind while your children enjoy their rides.

Opt for a compatible ESC that matches the specifications of your power wheels' motor and battery for optimal performance. You will be able to maintain safety and functionality while keeping the driving experience fun.

Enhance the Power Wheel's Suspension

Improving the suspension system of your kids' power wheel can greatly enhance their ride experience after you increase the speed. By installing aftermarket shocks or springs designed for ride-on toys, you can drastically reduce the impact felt by young riders, resulting in a smoother experience.

This alteration will also enhance the power wheel’s handling and stability, allowing the driver to maneuver more efficiently at higher speeds. When selecting suspension upgrades, ensure they can support the additional weight of any other modifications you've made. With a properly upgraded suspension, your child's outdoor adventures will be more thrilling and comfortable than ever.

Provide Your Child With Protective Gear

As you enhance the speed and performance of your kids' power wheel, don’t forget to implement practices that will also ensure their safety. This includes always having your child wear the appropriate protective gear before they hop on for a ride.

For example, purchase a well-fitted helmet that complies with safety standards and will ensure head protection in case of falls or collisions. Additionally, elbow and knee pads can prevent scrapes and bruises, while gloves can enhance your child’s grip and protect their hands. Emphasizing the importance of protective gear not only safeguards your child’s well-being but also instills good safety habits that will benefit them in all their future physical activities.

Additional Changes You Can Make to Their Vehicle

Enhancing the speed of your kids’ power wheel brings about an exciting change of pace. Why not use the opportunity to make other modifications to mark this occasion? Read about changes you can make below to ensure a unique driving experience for your young ones.

Install a Battery Monitor

One modification you can consider is implementing a battery monitor in your kids' power wheel. This is a smart and practical modification that enhances both safety and convenience. A battery monitor continuously tracks the voltage and charge level of the battery, offering real-time data on its status.

This device helps you avoid unexpected power loss by alerting you when the battery is running low, ensuring your child's ride doesn't come to an abrupt stop. Moreover, regularly monitoring the battery's health can prevent overcharging and undercharging, two issues that can reduce the battery's lifespan.

Choose a battery monitor that’s compatible with your power wheel's voltage requirements and place it in an easily accessible location so that you can effortlessly keep an eye on the power levels. With a battery monitor installed, managing and maintaining your child's ride-on toy becomes simpler and more efficient, maximizing fun and minimizing interruptions. Your child may even get a kick out of monitoring the battery, just as you would for the fuel in your full-size car.

Change the Vehicle's Lights

Enhancing the lights on an off-road vehicle for kids can help make the toy look cooler and improve its visibility during those dusk or dawn adventures. If the vehicle doesn’t already have LED lights, it’s likely a good time to consider making this upgrade since they provide various advantages over traditional bulbs, including a longer service life.

Consider adding underbody glow lights to give the vehicle a more realistic and captivating appearance. Be sure to follow proper wiring procedures to prevent electrical issues and ensure all lights are securely fastened to withstand the rigors of outdoor play. With enhanced lighting, your kids will stand out and be able to navigate more safely during their exciting, high-speed escapades.

Making these modifications will allow you to provide your kids with a safe yet exciting ride-on experience. You can also give them a thrilling experience by purchasing power wheels from Elegant Electronix. We even offer ride-on toys for older children who can drive responsibly at higher speeds.

How To Modify Kids' Power Wheels To Go Faster

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