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Kids UTVs, Buggies, and Jeeps

Off-Road Ride-On Toys

Give your child a taste of the excitement that comes when driving an off-road vehicle for kids, such as a Jeep or UTV, with a one of our 12V off-road ride-ons. These toys are modeled after a variety of real-world vehicles, so you’ll surely find the ride perfectly suits your kid. Featuring rugged rubber-like wheels and 12-volt batteries, our 4x4 ride-on toys will provide hours of fun on many different types of terrain. If you have any questions about our 4x4 electric cars for kids, such as the UTVs, buggies, or Jeeps, get in touch with us today, and we will help you find the perfect off-road ride-on toy for your child.

Bumper Cars with Parental Remote for Toddlers

Sold Out $299.99
SAVE $100.00

The Claw | 24V Electric Excavator for Kids

Sold Out $1,199.99
SAVE $300.00

24V Buggy for Kids

$799.99 $1,000.00
SAVE $200.01

3 Seater Military Jeep for Kids | Green

Sold Out $1,200.00
SAVE $200.01

Licensed Mercedes Unimog Kids UTV

$699.99 $899.99
SAVE $200.00