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Popular Myths About Kids’ Ride-On Vehicles

By Brian Hong September 06, 2022

Popular Myths About Kids’ Ride-On Vehicles

Many parents worry about purchasing their kids an electric ride-on vehicle. These toys cost a significant amount of money, and perhaps you’ve heard rumors about how fast they go or how unsafe they are. This talk sits uneasily with you. Debunking these myths about ride-on vehicles will help ease your mind and decide that your children should enjoy one of these awesome toys. They’re worth investing in, and soon, you’ll understand why.

“They Drive Too Fast”

Parents want safe toys for their children to play with, and some still believe electric ride-on cars go too fast. Ride-on vehicles have top speeds. Popular 12v models only go 3 to 5 miles per hour. In fact, a kid’s bicycle can reach faster speeds than a ride-on toy. Don’t let the motor fool you.

Parents, who are we kidding? Children can hurt themselves getting off the couch. Issues and injuries happen with these toys when kids don’t operate them safely. Teach kids how carefully drive and how to be aware of how fast they’re going.

Show them how to slow down when turning to avoid tipping the toy over. Teach your child that there’s a time and a place to go fast—for example, when playing a racing game or out in the open, with no obstacles or people nearby.

“They Break Down Easily”

Manufacturers build electric ride-on toys to withstand everyday wear and tear. If you’re worried about a weight limit, the owner’s manual will teach you what your specific model can hold. Many ride-on vehicles come standard with rechargeable batteries and heavy-duty motors. These features will ensure your children have zero issues driving through the grass.

The top way to ensure these toys last, teach your kids proper maintenance for the toy. Have rules in place that will keep the ride-on toy operating efficiently. Some of these maintenance rules include:

•Plugging the toy into recharge when finished

•Wiping down any dirt and grime

•Inspecting the outside for any knicks or cracks

Some things your kid shouldn’t check until they’re older, such as electrical work. As a parent, inspect the electrical system on the toy to ensure that no wires are loose, and that no features have fizzled out.

“They’re Built With Unsafe Batteries”

Safety is a huge concern for parents regarding toys their kids interact with. One myth about kids’ electric ride-on vehicles is that the batteries are unsafe. No manufacturer wants to deal with lawsuits from angry parents because they released a defective toy. That’s why the ride-on toys undergo intense testing to ensure they’re ready. Rest assured, the batteries are certified and tested.

Most models don’t contain a battery that’s over 12 volts. This voltage is equivalent to low voltage lighting, which also operates at 12 volts. It’s rare to find an injury with this small amount of power. You’ll also find that all wiring and outlets remain hidden. Unless you go digging under the hood or underbelly of the toy, there’s no risk of encountering any wiring. It’s incredibly unlikely that your child will injure themselves.

“Ride-On Toys Don’t Run for a Long Time”

This myth may have been true in the past, but innovation has allowed manufacturers to give these toys longer operating times. Most fully charged models will run for a full hour before needing a recharge. Ensure your children wait for the battery to charge completely before returning the ride-on vehicle to play. This habit will keep the ride-on car’s battery at peak performance.

There are features now that can accelerate the draining battery. Many come with touchscreens, which are excellent add-ons, but they’ll also suck the power while your child is driving. Be aware that the ride-on vehicle may not last 60 minutes if your child is operating all the features simultaneously.

“My Child Is Not Old Enough To Play With a Ride-On Car”

One of the best things about ride-on cars, and other ride-on toys, is the vast variety of options available. There is a range of models that will fit children ranging from infants to elementary school age. If your child can walk steadily and has begun developing their motor skills, they can enjoy playing with a ride-on car. Most models you’ll encounter are perfect for ages 1 to 6. There are more advanced vehicles as well, perfect for children with sophisticated skills who are ready for them. Make sure you read through toy descriptions to ensure that option is an ideal fit for your children.

Elegant Electronix is proud to offer various models. Parents can find the right model for their kids. Choose between UTVs and push cars, to name a few. We also carry electric ride-on motorcycles for the more adventurous rider.

Plus, these toys have incredible benefits to help your child develop skills. These benefits include:

•They help children gain independence.

•They’ll build better motor skills.

•Your kids can improve their cognitive abilities.

•They help children build a bigger and brighter imagination.

•They encourage your child to participate in self-play.

These are only a few wonderful benefits an electric ride-on toy can bring.

Ride-On Toys Don’t Have Parental Overrides

When looking at many electric ride-on vehicle models, almost every type will have parental overrides. Most are available with remote controls that allow parents to brake, accelerate, and stop the car when needed.

These controls are perfect for teaching your children how to operate the vehicle safely and providing the parent with the controller. Safety comes first with these large, intimidating toys. You can relax a bit knowing you’re able to stop the ride-on care whenever needed with the push of a button.

Be there alongside your child until you feel confident that they can handle the car. As they gain confidence, let them venture further and learn how to steer. No parental controls are myths that deserve debunking. These reputable toys are safe for kids of many ages.


Hopefully, this blog post settles some nerves parents may have regarding purchasing an electric ride-on vehicle for their kids. The above-debunked myths mean they’re safe and provide many excellent benefits. And while these toys may seem extravagant to some, the hours of fun your children will encounter are worth every penny. They’re an excellent way to encourage your kids to play outside and improve their self-esteem. Maybe it’s time to invest in a ride-on car. Purchase yours from Elegant Electronix today!

Popular Myths About Kids’ Ride-On Vehicles

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