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3 Top Tips for Off-Roading With Your Kids

By Brian Hong February 15, 2023

3 Top Tips for Off-Roading With Your Kids

Ah, off-roading—what an incredible, adrenaline-pumping sport that’s perfect for any thrill-seeker. If you love the outdoors, adventure, and tough vehicles, this may be the perfect sport for you—if it isn’t already your favorite.

What you may not have considered is that off-roading can be fun for the whole family. While it is an extreme sport, it is safe enough to bring little ones along. Here are a few great tips for having a great time off-roading with your kids.

Little Kids, Shorter Routes

While you may be able to handle an eight-hour, rough-and-tumble drive through hazardous terrain, your kiddos may not. At their young ages, kids have much shorter attention spans than adults. This means that you may need to plan a shorter route than usual, at least for the first few drives. Once they get into the hobby, you may be able to go for longer.

Kids also have less mass to weigh them down, so they will bounce around much more than you will while going over harsh terrain. Keep this in mind and drive with caution.

Keep Them Safe

Every person in your off-roading party should be wearing a helmet, but this is especially important for your kiddos. As most seatbelts are designed with adults in mind, it is also extremely important to install harnesses that fit your children correctly. Wearing too big of a harness could result in them falling or slipping out of the vehicle.

Bring Plenty of Snacks and Water

Kids metabolize food much quicker than adults do, which means that your little ones will probably need to eat before you do. Packing them some snacks can help tide them over until you stop for lunch. Go ahead and grab a bag of Goldfish for yourself while you’re at it.

It’s important to drink plenty of water while doing any outdoor activity, but it’s especially critical if you’re driving in a hot climate. Bring plenty of water for you and your family to make sure you all stay hydrated.

These are our very best tips for off-roading with kids. Once you go off-roading, your kids are sure to be hooked on the hobby. Why not let them take the wheel this time with their very own 12-volt ATV ride-on car? They’re sure to love the sense of freedom and adventure they get from driving all on their own.

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