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Parent’s Guide To Electric Ride-On Motorcycles for Kids

We already know what you’re thinking—a motorcycle for children sounds way too dangerous. We would like for you to hear us out on the reasons why these ride-ons are perfectly safe for your kids and why they might even be better than a standard bike in some circumstances. There are plenty of other aspects we would also like to go over in this parent’s guide to electric ride-on motorcycles for kids.

Why a Motorcycle?

The evolution of child ride-ons has changed dramatically since we were kids. Most of us dreamed of one day riding a motorcycle once we grew up since they were so loud and cool looking. We’re sure we weren’t the only ones that put playing cards in the spokes of our wheels to make our little bikes and tricycles sound more like the real thing.

Well, thanks to the advancements in technology, we can make our childhood dreams a reality for our own kids. They will get to know what it feels like to ride a real motorcycle as early as the age of learning how to ride a regular bike. Plus, it is way safer than actually riding an actual motorcycle, so we can rest easy knowing they’re getting the experience without the danger.

However, choosing the toy motorcycle that best suits your child isn’t easy. There are a few different electric ride-on motorcycles available in our online store, so there’s a lot to consider when coming to your decision. Most of the differences come down to the color of the bike, but there are plenty of other features that differentiate them as well. We will be using quite a few of the next points to go over those differences.

Safety Features

This is probably the topic most of you are concerned about. Motorcycles aren’t exactly well known for their safety. Since our products are made for children in the three to eleven age range, safety is our number one priority. Most of our models come with removable training wheels; that way, your kid can learn how to ride their new toy properly before they attempt to ride it with only two wheels.

Most of our models also top out at about five miles per hour. If you compare that to a standard bike, that is much slower since kids on those can go as fast as they want if they either pedal harder or take a steep hill. As an added benefit, all of our bikes come with fully functioning throttles that work the same way real ones do. This will allow your child to have better control over their speed since they can decelerate instead of slamming on the brakes. Unfortunately, there’s no slowdown button on a standard bike, so kids that aren’t comfortable with the brakes yet are more likely to come to an abrupt stop and fall off.

All of our ride-ons max out at the height of 25 inches as well. Kids’ bikes vary in height depending on wheel size and brand. We keep all of our motorcycles low to the ground. That way, when your child does inevitably fall down, it won’t be nearly as far of a tumble. If you are still worried about that eventually happening, we still recommend that your child wears a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads to protect themselves from the fall better.

As an added bonus, all of our ride-ons are ASTM F963-Compliant, which is the Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety. We want you to feel secure about your purchase for your young child, so we do everything in our power to make that possible.

Other Types of Ride-Ons

If all of this still makes you uneasy, we plenty of four-wheel ride-ons that you can get for your son or daughter. However, we do want to focus on the concept of them riding a motorcycle, so if you feel that you need to get one with four wheels, we’d recommend the ATV ride-on. This will be the closest to simulating the experience your child would get on our motorcycles.

The ATV model is built-in with our slow start technology, so they don’t accidentally go too fast when they begin to move. It also has two speeds and can be more easily driven through the grass. Even though we ensure your child’s safety with our motorcycles, this is still the safer option.

Your Child’s Age

Depending on how old your kid is, you might want to consider a different kind of motorcycle ride-on. Our standard model is best suited for kids aged three to six since they don’t go too fast and come with training wheels.

If your child has never ridden a bike before, we’d even suggest teaching them on one of these instead of a standard bicycle. Thanks to all of the safety benefits mentioned above, your kid might have an easier time learning how to ride this instead of a standard bike. One of the hardest parts of riding a bike is learning how to pedal. They wouldn’t have to worry about that one the motorcycle. Once they know how to ride and balance on one of our ride-ons, they would have a much easier time hopping on a bike for the first time and learning how to pedal.

If your kid is a bit older though, we’d advise you to look into our 24-volt motorcycle. These bikes are best for kids in the seven to eleven age range. They can go up to eleven miles per hour and don’t come with training wheels. These are perfect if your kid already knows how to ride a bike, and if you feel like you can trust them on a two-wheeled machine.

For this version, we’d even more strongly recommend the use of protective gear for your child. Even if they’re confident, these higher speeds could lead to some nasty scrapes and bruises. This model does have an upgraded handbrake lever to deal with the higher velocities though.

Benefits for Your Kid

The final point in our parent’s guide to electric ride-on motorcycles for kids is how this toy can benefit your child. If you really want to instill independence and confidence in your kid at a younger age, this is the best way to do so. Even though our product is similar to a bike, it still affects the rider mentally in the same way a real motorcycle does. Most motorcycle riders have high levels of confidence and feel more independent due to what they choose to ride. Now we’re not saying it’s a one-to-one ratio for your kid’s ride-on motorcycle, but it would make sense that it would give them the same type of feeling as the real ones do. Plus, these motorcycles honestly just look cool, and your kids will love that about them.

Parent’s Guide To Electric Ride-On Motorcycles for Kids

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