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How the Parental Remote Works on a Kids Electric Car

Even though deep down, you know your child isn’t likely to do something that will end in an injury for them, it’s impossible not to worry about them—it’s human nature. That’s why when you buy your kid a ride-on toy, it’s reassuring to purchase one that comes with a parental remote. That way, if you see your kid driving toward something they shouldn’t be, you can grab the remote and stop them instead of running after them.

This blog will explore how the parental remote works on a kids electric car and which version we use for our ride-on toys. After reading this blog, if you are interested in getting one with a parental remote, check out our selection of kids ride-on ATVs. Most of these models have the controllers included.

Radio Frequency Remote

We’ll start with the most common type available on the market—radio frequency remotes. These remotes use radio frequencies to communicate with the ride-on in the same way that RC cars and other small remote-controlled toys do. They are so popular because they are effortless to set up and are quite reliable. The only downside to them is they all use the same frequency. Therefore, if you have two toys with radio frequency remotes, they will not be able to work next to each other since their communications will interfere with each other.

2.4G Bluetooth Remote

This next remote is starting to become more common in order to combat the problem outlined above. Plus, it’s the one we use in our products. The 2.4G Bluetooth remote uses micro-frequencies, which makes the possibility of using multiple remotes in the same area a reality since they will no longer interfere with each other. Set up might be slightly tougher than with the previous kind, but the trade-off is worth it. Families with multiple young kids will now be able to use more than one ride-on at a time.

Smartphone App Remote

This last remote in our guide on how the parental remote works on a kid’s electric car is by far the least common, even though it’s probably the most convenient. With this option, parents no longer have to carry around an extra remote. They can use their smartphone or tablet instead. While that’s a nice feature, setting up this type of remote is quite complicated, and the price of the ride-on will often go in order to integrate this technology.

Regardless of which remote you use, you will have much more peace of mind knowing that you are well-equipped to stop your child from driving somewhere they shouldn’t.

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