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How To Choose Your Kid's First Four-Wheeler

By Brian Hong February 28, 2023

How To Choose Your Kid's First Four-Wheeler

When it comes to entertaining children, most parents and guardians want something that’s a little more stimulating and enjoyable than just placing them in front of a screen. The best kind of play that a child can get is extremely fun for them while allowing them to learn and mentally develop without them even realizing it.

A child’s four-wheeler is the perfect thing to get any kid excited about going outside and playing with a truly unique new toy. It can help get them out of the house more often and allow them to have their own adventures that they get to make for themselves.

If you’re considering a four-wheeler for your child, it can seem like there’s a lot to consider before you pick the right one. We’ll help you learn how to choose your kid’s first four-wheeler to ensure you get one they’ll love and that’s as safe for them as possible.

Safety Features

The first thing that should come to mind when you consider a four-wheeler for your child is how safe it is and what it comes equipped with to help ensure that safety. If your child has a pretty good handle on their motor skills, they shouldn’t have too many issues driving a four-wheeler. But it still brings a great deal of peace when you know that the four-wheeler is also protecting them as much as possible. Inspect the four-wheeler you may want to get for some of these key safety features to ensure it’s up to snuff.


The right four-wheeler for your child should have a full set of headlights, taillights, and brake lights. Even if you don’t plan on letting them drive around in the dark, all these lights go a long way toward increasing visibility for your child while they’re on their four-wheeler. Your best bet will be bright LED lights that are visible even when there’s lots of natural light out.


Like any real car, a good four-wheeler for a child needs seatbelts to be safe. If anything, using seatbelts on your child’s four-wheeler can be even more crucial because smaller obstacles pose more of a problem. You want to make sure the four-wheeler’s seatbelts are sturdy enough to hold your child’s weight and instruct them on the importance of wearing them no matter where or how they want to drive.

Remote-Control Access

If you have younger children who can get a little excitable and rambunctious, you might want to have a four-wheeler that gives you remote access when you need it. This is an extremely useful safety feature. If your child gets a little too adventurous and you want to stop them even when they’re far away, you can do so. Remote-control access allows you to protect your child from driving into danger should the need arise.

Size Considerations

A big part of choosing your child’s first four-wheeler will be determining what size they can handle safely and effectively. The size of your child and their ability to handle all of the four-wheeler’s controls will be some of the most important things to keep in mind. A four-wheeler that is too small is just as bad of a fit as one that’s too big, so keep your eyes on these key factors as you make your decision.

Leg Positioning

Your child’s legs should be able to easily reach the pedals of the four-wheeler without stretching. When they’re sitting up straight, their legs should ideally slightly bend at the knee. You don’t want their legs to look or feel cramped inside the four-wheeler, as this will make it more difficult to maneuver them quickly if they need to.

Steering Reach

Ensuring that your kid has full control over the vehicle at all times is crucial to ensuring their safety and ability to have fun with it. You don’t want to get a four-wheeler where the steering controls are too far away from your child for them to reach comfortably. They shouldn’t have to stretch their arms far away to keep control of the vehicle.

Weight Limit

Four-wheelers for children come in a variety of sizes for different age ranges. Each of those sizes has a different engine that can handle moving only a certain amount of weight. If you’re buying a four-wheeler for a very young child, you don’t need to worry too much about this weight capacity, but older children will outweigh some of the smaller models. When you’re looking for a four-wheeler, make sure you know its weight capacity before you make your final decision. Otherwise, your child won’t be driving anywhere.

Should You Buy for the Future?

Something that a lot of parents deal with when buying things for kids is how future-proof they want that particular item to be. In the case of clothes, many parents prefer to buy slightly bigger sizes so that their children get more use out of them before they outgrow them and need new ones. The question that some parents wonder is whether or not they should buy a larger four-wheeler so that their child can grow into it.

The most important thing to remember is that you want your child to be safe, and that’s much harder to be sure of when they’re driving around in something that might be too large for them. They won’t have as solid of a handle over the controls, and they may not be able to control the vehicle as well. Because of this, we recommend you buy a four-wheeler for your child as they are now, not how they might be later.

Elegant Electronix wants to provide truly memorable experiences to children and their families at the same time. Finding a great four-wheeler for your kid doesn’t have to be challenging. Just check out some of our 4x4 electric cars for kids that are perfect for youngsters who want to go for a ride in style. If you have any questions about our products or what might work best for you, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us for more information.

How To Choose Your Kid's First Four-Wheeler

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