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Fun Playdate Activities With Electric Ride-On Vehicles

Getting together with friends is a great way to socialize and pass the time. Are you looking for new ideas because everyone is bored of going to the park? Here are some fun playdate activities with electric ride-on vehicles to mix things up a bit.

Neighborhood Walk

Gather all your neighborhood friends for a fun walk, stroll, and ride. Head to a nearby park for some fun on the slides and swings before saying goodbye and working your way back home.

Have the kids take turns with the ride-on vehicle if not everybody has one. They can also ride bikes or scooters if they’d rather ride that way.

Backyard Racetrack

Set up a racetrack in your backyard or front yard if you have more space there. Use cones, spray paint, or any other items to mark the specific areas of the track. See who can ride around the fastest and have prizes for each contestant’s different placements.

To mix it up, put up obstacles on the track and whoever hits the least number of obstacles wins a prize.

Head for the Trails

If you can, pack up the electric ride-on vehicles into the car and hit a local trail. You and the other adults can enjoy a nice nature walk, and the kids will enjoy driving through a unique location.

Play bingo while you’re on the trail. Set up cards with different items or animals you may encounter, and the first person to get bingo wins! Birds, leaves, rocks, rodents, and water features are all fantastic ideas to put on the card.

If possible, laminate the card and bring dry erase markers to make it easy to wipe the card clean and play again.

Hide and Seek

Gather all your friends and play a game of supped-up hide and seek! If some kids don’t have an electric ride-on vehicle, set it up so that the person seeking uses the car to get around quicker. Play at night, and the game now becomes ghosts in the graveyard.

Hopefully, you and the kids will enjoy these fun playdate activities with electric ride-on vehicles. Playdates are fun for families, so mixing them up with electric cars makes things even more exciting.

If you’re in the market for a new ride-on vehicle, look no further than Elegant Electronix. We have a wide variety, including ride-on cars with touch screens, to provide a bit more stimulation. Feel free to browse our website today!

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