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8 Children’s Ride-On Cars That Make Great Holiday Gifts

By Alaoddin Ayyad November 29, 2021

8 Children’s Ride-On Cars That Make Great Holiday Gifts

The holiday season is almost here, and those sweet deals are on their way. That means it’s time to start planning what gifts to get your children or grandchildren this year. Since there are so many to choose from, it causes some toys to get overlooked entirely.

One such group of toys are outdoor ones. Due to the cold, not many people tend to think of their kids playing outside, which causes toys like electric ride-ons to get forgotten about, and they’re usually a big one that kids would absolutely love to get. If that sounds like something you would want to get them, but you’re unsure which would be best for them, there’s no need to worry. We’ve got you covered with this list on the types of children’s ride-on cars that make great holiday gifts.

“Real” Cars

Obviously, we’re not talking about an actual car here. What we’re referring to are ride-ons based on real vehicles. Some of the most popular ones are Mercedes, Lamborghinis, and Jeeps. However, there’s a good chance that you could find a toy version of just about any popular car that exists these days.

Not only do kids love it since it feels more like the real thing, but parents love it too. There’s no better “dad joke” than telling your buddies that you have a Lambo in your garage and then opening it up to show them your kid’s new toy. Plus, if you’re a parent that loves to tinker with electronics, these ride-ons are perfect for that. There is a huge online community of adults making their child’s ride-on work even better than before.

Service Cars

If your kid likes to play-pretend as a police officer or construction worker, there are plenty of ride-ons that will make perfect toys for them. Police cars, fire trucks, tractors, and bulldozers are just a few of the service vehicles that you will be able to get for your kid to ride around the house. We’re sure they already have everything else they need to pretend to be one of these service people, so getting them a matching vehicle is the logical next step.

Two-Seater Cars

One problem that many parents have to deal with is having multiple kids who are around the same age. It makes it difficult to buy a big-ticket item like this without buying a second one for the other child, so they don’t get jealous. An easy fix for this is to buy them a two-seater electric car for them to share. They can take turns driving each other up and down the sidewalk.

Of course, just because the toy is for both of your kids doesn’t mean they still won’t fight over it, but let’s be honest—they’re always going to find something to fight over. At least getting them one that they can both ride at the same time will be easier on your wallet.

Off-Roading Cars

Even though kids can drive most ride-on vehicles on the grass, some of them do it better than others due to them having better wheels and stronger motors. These are what we’d call off-road ride-on toys, and we have a good selection of them in our online store. No matter what kinds of dirt mounds or bumps get in your child’s way, they’ll be able to drive over them with ease in one of these vehicles.

The best part about getting them one of these for the holidays is that they will be able to try it out even if there is snow on the ground. As long as you make sure to bundle your child up for the cold, these off-roading vehicles will be great for trudging through the snow without any issues. We know your kid will appreciate not having to wait until spring to try it out.

Fast Cars

The key to these toys being safe is their slow speeds. That way, in case a kid manages to tip one over, they won’t hurt themselves too badly. However, this is no fun for older kids. They want something faster, and luckily, that’s completely possible. All you have to do is check the voltage of the ride-on that you’re looking at. The lowest it can get is 6V, but some of them get up to 24V—or in very rare instances, 36V.

Of course, if the kid that you’re getting this for is old enough, it might be better just to buy them a go-kart. They can move at much faster speeds and are more easily customizable in order to allow them to grow with them.

Bumper Cars

A newer type of children’s ride-on car that makes great holiday gifts are bumper cars. They aren’t the ones you see at amusement parks, though. They are much tamer and are designed with young kids in mind, so any bumping that happens with them won’t be too bad. Plus, they have built-in seatbelts for an extra level of protection. If you plan it out with the parents of your kid’s friends, you could set up a neighborhood bumper car party that everyone would enjoy.

Girly Cars

Even though a majority of the ride-on cars on the market are unisex, sometimes a little girl just wants something that’s a little more her style. Fortunately, many toymakers have kept this in mind and still make ride-ons that feature a mostly pink body and have colorful stickers and lights plastered all over them.


For the final entry in our list, we’re going to talk about a ride-on that doesn’t technically classify as a car. We’re obviously referring to the motorcycle ride-ons. These are relatively new to the market, but they’ve really taken it by storm due to the “coolness” factor. Of course, a big concern here for parents is how safe they are since they’re only on two wheels, but there’s no need to worry.

First, there are some three-wheeled variations out there, but the two-wheeled ones are just as safe. This is because they come with training wheels, and you can take them off once your child becomes skilled with it just like a regular bike, which will help with the toy’s longevity. Plus, you can always put a helmet and elbow pads on your child for an added level of security. They’ll still be too young to care anyway.

8 Children’s Ride-On Cars That Make Great Holiday Gifts

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