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Why Your Power Wheels Battery Isn’t Charging

By Alaoddin Ayyad January 26, 2024

Why Your Power Wheels Battery Isn’t Charging

If there is one thing you like to see as your child drives their power wheel around your lawn, it is the look of delight on their face. But that look of joy can go away if you find that the vehicle’s battery can no longer hold a charge and power the vehicle. Discover several reasons why your power wheels battery isn’t charging.

Your Battery Is Too Old

One reason for this problem may be that the battery itself is too old to power the vehicle like it did before. If you have had the battery for more than three years, it is likely time to purchase a replacement. That will allow your child to start enjoying their jaunts around your lawn again.

You Let the Battery Go Too Long Without Use

Another reason why your power wheels battery isn’t charging is that you let it sit too long without using it. For example, putting your child’s ride-on car into storage for the winter and not doing anything with it throughout the season can kill your battery.

Make sure you exercise the battery by charging it monthly. That will allow you to keep the battery in good shape and prevent you from having to purchase a replacement.

You May Have a Connection Problem

If your battery cannot charge even though it is relatively new and you use it often, there might be a problem with your connections. Examine them closely and see if anything is loose or preventing the battery from receiving the power the vehicle needs.

It May Be Time To Get a New Charger

One final reason your power wheel battery won’t charge may have nothing to do with the battery itself. In fact, it may be the charger that is giving you trouble by not sending your battery the necessary energy.

With the help of a voltmeter, you can test your charger and measure what it provides. If it does not provide sufficient power, you should start looking for a new charger.

After following these strategies, you should be able to get your child back behind the wheel. Elegant Electronix offers luxury vehicles, including our power wheels with TVs, that will give your kid plenty of fun. When your child isn’t driving through new territory, they can watch entertaining, educational shows on the screens in their cars.

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