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Ways To Give Your Power Wheels More Traction

By Brian Hong April 17, 2024

Ways To Give Your Power Wheels More Traction

A power wheel can provide your kid with plenty of fun, whether they’re enjoying a spirited jaunt through your backyard or an imaginary race on your driveway. Yet, parents often have the desire to improve the grip of these miniature vehicles. With traction being such a crucial factor in performance, enhancing the grip of your child’s power wheel is a priority. Here are several ways to give your power wheel more traction, resulting in a better and more exhilarating ride for your little one.

Add Tread From Bicycle Tires

An ingenious and economical strategy is repurposing tread from old bicycle tires on your child’s power wheel. These tires feature grooves that grip the road, providing more control, which can help when cruising over undulating garden terrains or smooth concrete.

Here's a quick DIY solution: cut strips from an unused bicycle tire and wrap them around the power wheel’s tires. Secure them tightly with a strong adhesive. This modification extends the life of the power wheel’s tires and adds a layer of resilience against slippery surfaces.

Install Rubber Traction Bands

Another way to give your power wheel more traction is by investing in rubber traction bands specifically for power wheel tires. These bands can help give your kid’s vehicle the sturdy grip of real car tires.

The bands tightly conform to the tire, augmenting both traction and control. They are simple to install and do not alter the vehicle. They are a perfect solution for parents seeking improved traction and unaltered aesthetics.

Spray a Rubber Coating on the Tires

A rubber coating spray is a sound choice for navigating the slick surfaces that beckon adventurous riders. You should be able to buy the product in most hardware stores and find the application process to be rather straightforward.

A couple of coats can furnish the tires with a layer that significantly increases grip. However, it’s worth noting that the longevity of this method varies, and you may need to reapply it periodically to maintain optimal performance.

These practical and effective options can help you enhance your child’s vehicle and give it satisfactory traction. Elegant Electronix offers a wide range of power wheels for children to ride, including two-seater ride-on toys. We offer several luxury car models, including Lamborghinis that your kid will be able to drive while they are still in grade school.

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