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Safety Tips and Play Advice for Kids’ Ride-on Toys

No matter what you do, your kids probably seem to find ways to hurt themselves the second you take your eyes off them. It’s uncanny how true this can be. It’s almost like they decide to do something drastic once you leave the room.

This seems especially true when your child is riding on one of their toys, whether it’s an electronic toy car, bike, or scooter. That’s why we’ve made a guide of safety tips and play advice for kids’ ride-on toys. Hopefully, implementing these tips will help protect your kids.

Fully Train Them

When we say this, we mean that you should make sure your child fully comprehends what they need to do. Your kid might know how to brake, but they might not understand why they would need to. Teach them all the ins and outs of the toy. They may be young, but with enough emphasis, they will finally get it.

Set Up Boundaries

Kids are naturally adventurous. They like to explore when given the chance, but that might lead them into a bad situation that you didn’t prepare them for. If they’re on a bike or scooter, tell them which houses they can’t go past. If they are in an electronic car, find a flat area in the grass that doesn’t have any large bumps or porch stairs that they could drive off.

Wear a Helmet

This one seems obvious, but we listed it anyway because it’s that important. Kids of all ages need a helmet. At a certain age, they may try to refuse to use it because it’s “not cool” anymore; however, if you start them young on helmet usage, wearing one will become second nature to them.

Regularly Check the Ride-On’s Condition

This safety tip for kids’ ride-on toys is probably the most overlooked one. If you had to build the kid’s toy yourself, make sure you take this advice to heart. Before letting them ride it, check over everything to ensure you put it together properly. Then, give it a bit of a stress test to make sure it won’t break the second they hop on. In fact, you should consider checking it every few months or so. That way, if something is about to snap, you can catch it before it even happens.

Ride With a Friend

If you have multiple kids or your child likes to play outside with the neighbor, teach them to look out for each other—riding with a friend adds an extra layer of safety. If a parent isn’t there to watch for an accident, it’s good if the kids know what to do for each other if there is one. If the kids play together regularly, you should get them a ride-on toy that they can use together, as well. We have quite a few options of kids ride-on two seaters available in our online store.

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