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Reasons Why Your Older Kid Will Love a Go-Kart

By Brian Hong October 31, 2022

If you’re looking for a fantastic new gift for your kiddo, a go-kart is an excellent option. Unlike many other gifts at a similar price point, a go-kart will give them countless hours of fun outside the house rather than while sitting in a dark room.

They’ll also ha

Reasons Why Your Older Kid Will Love a Go-Kart

ve a blast! Here are a few of the best reasons why your older kid will love a go-kart.

They’ve Gone Racing Before

This is a surefire way to ensure your kiddo will love their new go-kart. Many kid-friendly spaces have go-kart tracks that you and your kid can try.

Allowing your child to test out a go-kart first is an excellent way to make sure that your purchase of a personal one isn’t a rash decision. Plus, purchasing a personal kart allows your kid to race anytime they want, not just when you can take them to the track!

They’re Able To Mirror You

Driving is something kids see adults doing all the time, including you. Being able to mirror you by driving a “car” of their own makes them feel grown up and mature. This newfound sense of maturity may even extend beyond the driver’s seat.

It’s a Fun Outdoor Activity

Go-karting gives your kids something new and different to do outside. They can explore new areas and travel further, as they can cover ground more quickly in their kart. If you have a large backyard, this may be a great option.

However, it is important to discuss boundaries of where they can go before they get into their new kart. Setting the perimeter where your kid can explore allows them to have more independence and responsibility while keeping them safe.

It’s Just Like Mario Kart

Since Nintendo released the first Mario Kart in 1992, this game series has been a staple. In fact, some younger parents may have fond memories of their own with the game.

Kids today love the recent versions of Mario Kart just as much as kids did when the original came out. By buying your kid a go-kart of their own, they can pretend they’re playing the game in real life. If their friends or siblings also have go-karts, the kids could even race against each other in backyard tournaments. Just watch out for the blue shell!

Of course, if you want to drive just like Mario, you’ll need a drifting go-kart. Luckily, Elegant Electronics manufactures an incredible drifting go-kart for kids that drives just like the digital one.

They Can Set a New Personal Best

One of the best ways to keep your kiddo engaged with their new go-kart is to give them a goal to reach. Time trials are an excellent way to do this; your kid will complete solo laps to try and get a new best time.

To do this, first, you’ll need to set up a course. Choose an area of the backyard with even footing. A slight hill or two could be a fun twist for your kid but avoid any large holes or rocks. Use old crates or barrels to indicate the turns and mark the starting line with flags or spray paint.

A loop or a figure-eight make great shapes for a starting course. If you’ve got plenty of room to work with, consider building a more elaborate track after your racer excels at the starting one. This gives them something new to progress to, a reason to improve, and the excitement of exploring a new course!

It’s an Introduction to Kid-Karting

Simply put, kid-karting is competitive go-karting for kids. If your kid shows interest in this fun solo sport, buying them a personal kart is a great way to start. It allows them to hone their skills before competing against other kids, and it allows you to make sure this interest will last longer than a few weeks.

After all, the kart, gear, and league fees are an investment. It’s best to make sure this isn’t a passing phase before putting too much money into it.

If your kid decides they’d like to pursue karting competitions, you should know a few things. Minimum age restrictions depend on the organization they join, but most range from five to eight years old. Depending on the league, your kid must also be a minimum of 51-55 inches tall to operate the pedals and safely strap into the kart.

How To Keep Them Safe

There are risks with any outdoor activity. Here’s how to keep your kiddo safe while operating their go-kart.

Ensure They Wear the Right Clothes

Clothing should fit snugly to prevent the fabric from getting snared or caught in the wheels or engine of the kart. It’s also a good idea to have them wear long sleeves and long pants to protect their skin in the event of a tumble.

Get Them a Helmet

Just like your kid wears a helmet while riding a bike, they should also wear a helmet while driving their go-kart. Helmets are essential, as head injuries can happen even at slow speeds. Bruises heal, but head injuries can be a lot more serious.

Check the Safety Harnesses

Go-karts should always have a safety harness of some kind. When buying a personal go-kart, it’s important to always check the harness before allowing your kid to drive it. The harness should fit tightly but should not be uncomfortable. You’ll need to put your kid into the seat to ensure proper fit—never guestimate with safety gear.

If the harness is too loose, replace it with a better-fitting one before letting your kid take it for a spin. A properly fitting harness is crucial to ensure your kid stays strapped in their seat.

These are just a few of the reasons why your older kid will love a go-kart. If you’re looking for a gift that will knock their socks off and give them countless hours of fun outdoors, you’ve found it. Whether they’re participating in games with their friends, solo play, or interacting with you, they’ll have a great time racing their go-kart.

Reasons Why Your Older Kid Will Love a Go-Kart

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