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Best Ways To Test a Kids’ Electric Car Battery

By Alaoddin Ayyad May 30, 2023

Best Ways To Test a Kids’ Electric Car Battery

When your child’s electric car doesn’t work, your mind might immediately think the battery is the problem. But you may wonder how to confirm your suspicion. That’s where this article can help. Read below to learn the best ways to test a kids’ electric car battery.

Measure the Battery’s Charge

One approach is to measure the battery’s charge. Before you begin any of these testing methods, remove the surface charge from the battery first. If you don’t, you risk ruining the battery.

Once you remove the surface charge, place the battery in a warm room with a temperature of approximately 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Ideally, let the battery sit for four to 12 hours. Then, measure the battery’s charge with a hydrometer. The specific gravity should be 12.65.

Do a Load Test

Another way to test a kids’ electric car battery is to perform a load test to determine the battery’s condition. You will need to connect a load tester to the battery’s terminals and clamp the negative cable to the power wheel’s frame.

As you complete this process, the voltage should drop from 12 volts or more to 10 in 30 seconds. If the voltage does not do so, you have a bad battery. After you finish, you can remove the cables and measure the voltage with a digital multimeter. If it does not read at 12.6 volts or more, this is also a sign that you should replace the battery.

Perform a Power Probe Test

You can also test the electric car’s battery with a power probe, which can measure the voltage drop. After you connect the positive and negative leads of the probe to the positive and negative terminals on the battery, attach the probe’s point to the positive battery terminal. This should give you a voltage reading. If the battery has a voltage between 12.4 and 12.7 volts, the battery is still good.

Start the Engine

A fourth way you can test your battery involves starting the engine of your child’s electric car, but you will need someone to assist you in this process. Turn the ignition until the starter engages and holds for two seconds.  

During the engine start, have the person helping you do a power probe reading. If the reading doesn’t fall under 9.6 volts, the battery is fine. But if it does, the battery has become sulfated, and you cannot charge it. You will need to buy a new one.

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