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A Guide for Upgrading the Tires on Kids' Electric Cars

Your child wants to experience the continuous joy of riding their electric car on your lawn through various conditions. But the tires on their vehicles will wear down over time, and this damage can interrupt their fun. You can prevent this by making changes to their tires. Read this guide for upgrading the tires on kids' electric cars.

Why You Should Switch From Plastic to Rubber

If your child is driving an electric car that features plastic tires, there is a good chance that they will experience a problem with their vehicle at some point. Over time, the plastic can experience damage and have trouble getting a grip on surfaces. These will make it harder for your child to go anywhere in the car, which will make the experience of driving more frustrating than fun.

But if you replace plastic tires with rubber ones, you will be making an upgrade that will keep the vehicle performing well for your child. Rubber tires look better on an electric car, and they even allow it to move faster and maintain more of a grip with the ground. You may even notice that they help the vehicle make less noise when your child drives it.

What To Remember When Buying Rubber Tires

Once you have decided to buy rubber tires for your child's electric car, there are several things that you should keep in mind. First, ensure the tires you pick out will fit your child's vehicle so that you don’t have to reinstall new wheels multiple times.

Second, make sure that you are buying products from a trustworthy supplier. After all, you don't want to buy tires that manufacturers built with subpar materials and poor construction. Look to see if there are any reviews for the tire products and if they have satisfied most clients.

Third, make sure you pick wheels for your child's vehicle with the right design. Consider ones with features that will allow them to drive across rugged terrain or areas with snow or mud. In addition, the rubber should be strong and durable so that you don't end up having to buy replacement tires sooner than you expected.

Find the Right Area To Make the Upgrade

After you have purchased and received the new tires, you will need to establish a space where you can make the upgrade on your child's car. Try to find a place where you will be able to work on the vehicle's wheels easily.

In addition, put down padding so that you do not cause any scratches or scuffs to the electric car when you need to turn it over. Your extra caution will keep the vehicle looking good.

Take Off the Retainers and Hubcaps

One of the first things you will need to do when installing new tires is to remove the retainer caps from the wheel. For this task, use a screwdriver. Afterward, you will need to perform the same task on the retainers themselves, along with the hubcaps. Ensure you keep these parts in a secure location since you will need them again.

Remove the Tires and Clean the Axles

The next step in upgrading the tires on kids' electric cars is taking off the tires, which should come off rather easily. However, don't move on to the next step too quickly. Now is the perfect time for you to remove any dirt from the vehicle's axles. This will better ensure the quality of your child's rides in the future.

Add the New Tires

When you finish cleaning the vehicle, you can put on the new tires. As you do, make sure that you do not put them on too tight, or you might prevent the wheels from moving at all.

After that, you will need to put back on the retainer and hubcaps you took off or attach the ones that came with the new tires. Although a hammer can be useful in this process, you might be able to do the job with your fingers. If you do use a hammer, be careful that you don't break the parts.

Make Sure They Work

After going through the process of installing the new tires, it's time to confirm that they will work on your child's vehicle. Before letting your kid get behind the wheel again, give their car a shake to ensure none of the wheels look unstable.

After that, you can invite your child to drive their car again. But keep a close eye on their tires as they drive, ensuring they look like they are moving properly. If everything looks as it should, you can feel content that your installation was successful.

How To Fix Plastic Tires

If you choose to keep the plastic tires that are already on your child's electric car, you can still make improvements with the help of rubber spray that will form an added layer. Below are the steps in this process.

Sand and Clean the Tires

After you have turned the car over, you should use sandpaper on the tires, which will help the rubber spray bond better with the tires. After you have finished, you can clean the tires to prevent any dirt from affecting the spray process.

Make Repairs to the Tires

Look over the power wheel’s tires to see if there are any cracks. If cracks are present, you can fix them with the help of patches or a fiberglass kit.

Spray the Tires

After you have put coverings over parts of the car that you don't want to be affected by the rubber spray, you can start applying it. After you have given it a significant amount of time to dry, you can apply additional coats to ensure sure it has the desired effect on your child's vehicle.

These upgrades will help guarantee that your child continues to have fun on their electric vehicle as they explore your spaces. If you are looking for ride-on toys such as two-seater power wheels, contact Elegant Electronix. We have licensed products for luxury brands such as Land Rover and Lexus that will give your child the fun of driving while keeping them safe.

A Guide for Upgrading the Tires on Kids' Electric Cars

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