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4 Outdoor Activities for Kids and Their Electric Ride-On Car

Kids love their electric ride-on cars. They’re thrilling, they’re fast, and they make kids feel cool and a tad grown-up. What’s not to love about them? If you’re looking for some exciting activities for when the weather warms up, you’ve come to the right place. These are four outdoor activities for kids and their electric ride-on car.

Set Up a Scavenger Hunt

Either walk around hiding items for your children to find or spot objects already in the neighborhood you’d like them to seek out. Make a map, so the kids know where to look, and create clues to figure out what they’re searching for. Then send them off on their quest in their electric ride-on car!

You can have something exciting set up at the end, such as an outdoor picnic at the neighborhood park or a bucket of sidewalk chalk to let them create a masterpiece.

Outdoor Obstacle Course

Use cones, sidewalk chalk, or other creative items you have on hand to set up an outdoor obstacle course for your kids to maneuver around. Turn it into a relay race if there are a lot of kids involved. Grab a stopwatch to see who can finish the fastest.

Road Race

This idea is similar to the obstacle course—but without all the obstacles. Grab those cones to mark the start and finish line. If you don’t have cones, use sidewalk chalk to draw lines on the ground. Make the kids feel like they’re at an actual racing event and yell, “on your mark, get set, GO!” Whoever crosses the finish line first is the winner.

You can also turn this event into a relay, or you can set up a bracket to determine the ultimate winner. Have fun!

Red Light, Green Light

Almost everyone knows this game, so why not turn it into an activity your kids can enjoy in their 12v UTV ride-on cars? The person who is the caller doesn’t need to be in a vehicle. Either draw your start and finish line with chalk or use landmarks, like light poles. The caller will yell out “green light,” and the vehicles must rush to see how far they can get before the caller yells out “red light.” If a car doesn’t quickly stop, it must head back to the starting line. The first one to cross the finish line wins!


Have prizes for the winners to commemorate their memorable wins! It doesn’t have to be anything significant; you can give out some candy, Play-Doh, or water balloons.

We hope you enjoy all four of these outdoor activities for kids and their electric ride-on car. The kids will enjoy the entertainment, and you can enjoy that hot cup of coffee while they play.

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