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4 Fun Electric Ride-On Obstacle Course Ideas

By Ivonne Navarro April 19, 2022

4 Fun Electric Ride-On Obstacle Course Ideas

The weather is beginning to warm, and you’re ready to send your kids back outside to play. How about mixing up playtime with a homemade obstacle course? These are four fun electric ride-on obstacle course ideas.

Pool Noodle Course

Do you have a bunch of pool noodles sitting around and want to use them for something productive besides a pool party? Then, this is the idea you’ve been waiting for! Create a beach-themed obstacle course.

Grab all the pool noodles you can find and take a trip to the dollar store if you need more. Line your backyard, or a specific area, with pool noodles so that the kids know where to drive. Set up beach balls that the drivers have to maneuver their vehicles around throughout the course.

Race Track Obstacle Course

If your kids enjoy driving fast in their electric ride-on car, then you need to check out this course. Set up a designated area where drivers must race to a line, get out, jump rope ten times, hit a ball off a tee, return to their car, and drive back to the finish line.

You can make this a relay if you have more kids than vehicles. Once their team member returns, it’s your turn!

Alphabet Relay Obstacle Course

You’ll need hula hoops, a water table, and foam letter puzzles for this course. Have participants race to the hula hoops where they’ll need to jump from hoop to hoop to the water table. Once at the table, racers will have to retrieve pieces of the puzzle and put the puzzle together. Feel free to use any foam puzzles you may have.

Make the course take longer by having participants grab single pieces at a time.

Indoor/Outdoor Combination Course

If you have a good amount of space indoors, create an indoor/outdoor combination obstacle course. Grab items you can use to have drivers race around, such as buckets, cones, or pool noodles.

Weave strings between dining room chairs for the indoor section of the obstacle race where drivers will have to climb through without getting struck by the “electric fence.”

An electric car is a significant component of these races. Elegant Electronix has luxury electric cars for kids if you require a new one.

These four fun electric ride-on obstacle course ideas will make your kid’s day. Try one or try them all!

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