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Why Motor Skills Are Important for Child Development

By Alaoddin Ayyad December 05, 2023

Why Motor Skills Are Important for Child Development

During childhood, people will develop abilities that will be useful to them as they get older. One example is a person’s motor skills, which can pave the way for how children interact with their surroundings. Read on to learn why motor skills are important for a child’s development, what motor skills exist, and what activities your child can engage in to develop these essential skills.

Why Motor Skills Are Important

One question you may ask is, “What are motor skills?” These abilities involve moving muscles in the body to perform common tasks. Motor skills come into play for simple chores such as folding clothes or more creative endeavors, like when your child uses a crayon to draw.

As a parent, you must become familiar with two kinds of motor skills: fine and gross motor skills. Both are essential for a child’s overall development and contribute to their cognitive and social growth.

Fine Motor Skills

When people say “fine motor skills,” it is in regard to what your child does with the small muscles in their hands. These skills are fundamental in executing tasks that require precision and control, such as picking up small objects, buttoning a shirt, or using a pencil. Fine motor skills also play a key role in a child’s cognitive development, as they closely link to the brain’s processing speed and cognitive flexibility.

Children use fine motor skills in a wide range of activities in their daily lives. From the precise finger control necessary to pick up a toy to the hand-eye coordination that they require to thread beads on a string, fine motor skills are essential.

As children develop these skills, they become capable of more complex tasks, such as tying their shoes or writing. The development of fine motor skills is also crucial for a child’s physical development, academic progress, and ability to perform everyday tasks independently.

Gross Motor Skills

Gross motor skills encompass using muscles to perform much broader physical activities than you would perform with fine motor skills. Instead, these skills can help you complete actions that require balance, coordination, and strength. They lay the groundwork for a child’s physical agility and mobility, helping them to navigate and interact with their environment effectively.

Children utilize gross motor skills in various aspects of their daily life. These skills come into play when they participate in physical games, navigate playground equipment, or engage in sports. For instance, activities such as climbing a jungle gym, skipping, or playing catch enhance balance, spatial awareness, and muscle strength. Developing gross motor skills plays a significant role in a child’s physical health, independence, and social interaction.

How Can Kids Develop Motor Skills

Now that you know why motor skills are important for a child’s development, you may wonder how to ensure that your little one properly develops these skills. Below are several ways to develop them that you can try with your child today.

Driving a Child’s Ride-On Car

Driving a toy car can be a fun and effective way to develop a child’s gross motor skills. Actions such as steering, pedaling, and maneuvering around obstacles require a combination of arm and leg movements that help to develop coordination and strength.

Additionally, the cognitive aspect of deciding when to stop, start, and change direction can contribute to improving a child’s problem-solving skills and spatial awareness.

If you want to help your kid safely develop their skills in one of these vehicles, consider buying remote control ride-on toys from Elegant Electornix. These models allow you to have more peace of mind and control when it comes to a child’s safety.


Painting is a fantastic activity for developing a child’s fine motor skills. The act of holding a paintbrush, dipping it into paint, and applying it to paper requires precise hand-eye coordination. Children must control the pressure they apply with their paintbrush, the direction of their strokes, and the coordination of colors they use.

Your children will be able to improve their fine motor skills and paint their mini masterpieces at the same time. Additionally, the activities afterward can help their motor skills as well. When they clean up after painting and perform actions such as picking up paint pots, replacing lids, and washing brushes, they develop their motor skills even further.


Writing is another excellent activity that aids in enhancing a child’s fine motor skills. The act of holding a pen or pencil and controlling its movement to form letters and words requires precise manipulation and strength in the small muscles of the child’s hand. Thus, writing boosts a child’s literacy skills and contributes significantly to their fine motor skill development.

Learning to Dance

Dance is a very powerful activity for developing a child’s gross motor skills. The wide range of movements involved in dancing—from leaping and jumping to balancing and coordinating—helps to improve a child’s agility, rhythm, and balance. Additionally, dance routines require children to remember and replicate sequences of movements, which can also enhance their cognitive flexibility and memory.

Tying Shoes

Tying their own shoes is a significant milestone for children, signifying growing independence and dexterity. Learning how to do this simple task can also be beneficial in honing your child’s fine motor skills. The precise movements required to create loops and knots help refine fine motor skills, particularly the pincer grip.

Furthermore, learning to tie shoes also enhances children’s cognitive abilities. They must remember the sequence of movements, understand the spatial relationships of the laces, and be able to adjust their technique based on the results of their attempts. Therefore, practicing shoe tying can serve as an excellent, multifaceted exercise for children’s overall motor and cognitive development.

When you focus on developing your child’s motor skills, you can better prepare them for their future lives, whether it is during their time in school, working in a job, or raising their own children. Parents who want to buy quality ride-on cars to help nurture kids’ motor skills can find them at Elegant Electronix. With our luxury electric cars, your children will have plenty of fun while they engage in movements that will help the development of their muscles.

Why Motor Skills Are Important for Child Development

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