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What To Do When Only One Wheel Spins on Your Power Wheels

If there is anything that can make a child sad, it’s when their toy breaks, particularly their Power Wheels. One of the most common problems kids and parents will find with their ride-on car is that only one wheel is spinning. Fortunately, there are several ways you can rectify the situation. Read below on what to do when only one wheel spins on your Power Wheels.

Examine the Wheels

A possible reason only one wheel is spinning is that the other wheels’ lug nuts are too tight. With a wrench, you should be able to loosen the nuts. If that does not solve the problem, try using lubricant to restore their movement.

Broken wheels can also cause this problem. Look them over to see if you spot any noticeable damage. If so, you may need to buy replacement wheels to get your child's vehicle working again.

Test the Battery

You may also want to check the battery on your child's power wheels. Ensure that it is fully attached and confirm it has a full charge by connecting it to an Ammeter so that you can test its current. The battery may be the culprit if the current is below 12 volts.

Check the Engine and the Controls

Another thing to do when only one wheel spins on your Power Wheels is to examine the vehicle's engine. After you remove the engine's casing, check to see if any wires or connections are loose. You can do this by simply wiggling them. You can also check the wiring of the rest of the vehicle's controls for any obvious issues.

Look at Other Components

If none of those strategies help you diagnose the problem, it may be time to look at some of the Power Wheels' other components, including the drive pin. It may be loose, meaning you must push it back in.

If you notice a grinding sound, look at the vehicle's gearbox. Check if the cogs are all working by rotating them. Also, look at if the gears appear worn down. If so, you’ll spot some plastic residue inside the box.

Consider the Conditions

The terrain and weather can also cause issues. If your child gets stuck in the sand or snow, the Power Wheels' engine will send all its energy to one wheel. Take it to an area where you can brush it off so it can run properly again.

If you want quality Power Wheels for your kids, contact Elegant Electronix. Our selection includes ride-on cars with TVs that will provide your family with hours of entertainment. We can also offer you excellent technical support. 

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