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Tips for Repairing Your Kid’s Electric Vehicle

It can be a calamity for your little one when one of their toys stops working, especially if it is the electric vehicle they enjoy taking joyrides on. You may think you are not qualified to repair it since you’re probably not a professional mechanic, but you don’t need to be. There are plenty of simple ways you can get your child’s ride up and running again. Here are some tips for repairing your kid’s electric vehicle, so they can spend more time behind the wheel and having fun. 

Troubleshoot Battery Issues

A common cause of problems with a child’s electric vehicle is usually the battery. One of the symptoms of a battery issue is when the lights for the electric vehicle turn on but the ride-on itself won’t move. Here are some ways that you can resolve these issues.

Check the Battery

First, you should check to see if the vehicle’s battery is still good. If you get a voltage reader, you can see if the battery gives you the right voltage. If it is not 9+ volts, it is likely time for you to purchase a new one. When you go shopping for a battery, remember to purchase one that is the very same model as the previous battery. As you install it, you should also connect it to the same terminals that the previous one used.

In addition, be careful when switching out the old battery for the new one. You should watch for the leakage of battery acid, so you do not get any on your hands and protect your skin from burns. It’s also important to ensure that when you connect the new battery, you connect positive to positive and negative to negative. Otherwise, you may risk damaging the vehicle or causing harm to yourself or others.

Check Your Charger

If your battery gave your voltage reader the proper volt number, you should check your battery charger next to see if that is the actual source of the problem. After letting it charge for four hours, use the reader on the charger to see if it gives you the right number, which should be at 12 volts. However, if it doesn’t give you a sufficient reading, the charger itself is likely the problem. You will have to purchase a new charger.

Change the Wheels

Other elements of your child’s vehicle that you may need to repair someday are its wheels. If these break, you will need to replace them, and here are some tips for repairing these portions of your kid’s electric vehicle.

If you have changed a tire on a car, you should find this process to be quite similar. First, you need to make sure that you have the right wheels for the vehicle as well as the right type of screwdriver to remove the screws.

Then, put the vehicle on its back so you can remove the retainers and hubcap on each wheel. You should then be able to replace the wheels and easily put the retainers and hubcaps back in. After that, your child can get back to driving and having fun!

Repair the Motor

Your child’s vehicle also could experience a breakdown someday due to its motor. If you hear clicking sounds as your kid drives the car, the motor likely needs repairs or has reached the end of its useful life.

Of course, you should test the battery and its charger first because assuming motor issues. However, if both elements are functioning, then the motor is likely the problem. Test the motor by attaching it to the vehicle’s battery or another strong battery. If neither of these makes it work, you will likely have to replace the motor.

Fix Switches

You may also encounter issues with the switches in your child’s vehicle. These include the on/off, forward/reverse, and the pedal switches, which may all stop working someday. Or if your child has a 12-volt electric motorcycle, they may instead encounter an issue with the vehicle’s throttle.

Although you may think that the pedal or the switch itself has suffered damage, the real cause may be the battery or a wiring problem. If your vehicle passes the battery test, check the wiring on your ride-on and see if it looks like it has any issues.

This may include wiring system connectors that are corroded. If so, you can try cleaning them with a brass brush or using baking soda and vinegar. Above all, though, you should make sure that you shut off the vehicle before trying to perform maintenance on the wiring.

Replace the Seat Belt

If the seat belt on your child’s vehicle becomes worn and frayed, you should change it. Although your kid will not be subject to the same types of dangers they would be in a regular-sized car without a belt, you still need to keep them secured.

You can easily buy a new seat belt and re-install it with the help of a wrench and a screwdriver. This easy fix ensures your child is safe and secure as they continue to have fun in their vehicle.

Reconnect Your Controller

This next repair tip applies to the part of the electric vehicle that you as the parent operate: the parental controller. If you ever encounter issues with the controller, it may be because it is radio-based. In other words, it may be experiencing interference from another nearby frequency.

Make sure that you are using the control within the right radius of the vehicle. In addition, malfunction issues may also be related to the remote’s batteries. Have a look to make sure that the batteries are not corroded and that you have placed them correctly in the remote. Having a functioning controller is key to keeping your kid safe as they drive around in their vehicle.

These tips will allow you to easily troubleshoot and resolve issues with your child’s vehicle. They will be able to have less downtime and more time driving around your yard. And if you’re looking for high-quality electric toys that come with warranties, lifetime customer service, and technical support, contact Elegant Electronix today! We stand by our products, which will provide hours of fun for you and your family.

Tips for Repairing Your Kid’s Electric Vehicle

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