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Multimeters: What They Are & Why You Need One for Ride-On Cars


A lot of people who buy electric ride-on cars for their kids tend to be car people, which means they probably already know what a multimeter is and probably have one lying around somewhere. This blog post is for those parents who aren’t into cars. If that sounds like you, you’re probably wondering what we’re talking about—no need to worry, though. We’re here to go over what multimeters are and why you need one for ride-on cars.

What Do They Do?

To start simple, we are going to go over what multimeters do. They are used to get an accurate reading on the amount of current, voltage, and resistance that is going through an electrical system. This device then takes that info and uses it to diagnose and troubleshoot possible issues. They’re usable on any electrical system, but they’re most commonly used on batteries since they can let you know if the battery is almost dead.

What Are They Commonly Used For?

The auto industry regularly uses multimeters. That’s why we said car enthusiasts might already have one of these in their garage. Depending on what they need the multimeter to do for them, it could cost well over $100, but the ones that we’d recommend are much cheaper than that.

Why Do You Need One?

Now, let’s get to the reason why these are important to you. You can use a multimeter on the battery of your child’s ride-on. Obviously, you’ll know that their battery is dead when it stops running, but it’s better to know when it might get to that point so you can plan accordingly and buy a replacement.

On top of that, a dead ride-on doesn’t always mean a dead battery. A good multimeter can diagnose other electrical issues that might be going on, so you can fix the actual source of the problem and not waste money on a new battery that you don’t need.

Having a multimeter on hand will be helpful for you and your child. Even if the car runs smoothly, you can use it to check to make sure there aren’t any problems on the horizon. This is even more crucial if your child owns a 4-wheeler vehicle, like our 12V ATV ride-on, since they use a lot more power than a 6V model.

Now that you know what multimeters are and why you need one for ride-on cars, hopefully, you’ll consider getting one for your child. Who knows? Maybe having one of your own will even come in handy with your own car someday.

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