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Important Things To Know When Buying a Ride-On Car

By Alaoddin Ayyad June 02, 2022

Important Things To Know When Buying a Ride-On Car

Electric ride-on vehicles are an investment. You want to ensure you’re purchasing the right one for your child or children. Buying a defective toy is very frustrating. This blog will break down important things to know when buying a ride-on car. You’ll feel confident by the end to take the plunge.

How To Care for the Battery

When investing in an expensive battery-powered vehicle for your child, you should understand how the battery works and how to care for it. The following are excellent ways to care for the battery:

• Charge the battery after each use.
• If your child hasn’t used the vehicle in a few weeks, give it a charge.
• Visually inspect the batteries every month for leaks or loose cables.
• If the ride-on car comes with a parental remote, ensure you have extra batteries on hand for the device.
• Be careful not to undercharge the battery as this will result in shortening the life of the battery.
• Unplug the device once you’ve fully charged the battery.
• Keep the ride-on vehicle in a dry space to avoid damage to the battery.

Know What Size To Purchase

Once you get the ride-on vehicle, you may find it too large or too small for what you need. It’s essential to check the measurements online before you make a purchase. You’ll typically find them in the description section of a particular ride-on, and most consumers find these measurements incredibly helpful.

Where Will Your Child Ride the Vehicle?

Do you own a big enough home for your child to ride the vehicle in the house? Will they enjoy the ride-on out in the yard? If you want your kid to mainly use the toy in the home, measure the space to ensure the ride-on will fit.

How Big Is Your Child?

You also need to ensure that the toy is big enough to fit your child. If it’s too big, your kid won’t be able to use it properly. Too small, and they’ll have to cram themselves into the toy. To get the best deal for your money, measure your kid to find the right fit.

Remote Control Enabled

Do you want a ride-on vehicle that will grow with your child? Look for vehicles that are remote control enabled. Your kid can begin “using” the toy as young as 18 months; before their feet reach the pedals. As parents, you’ll have complete control over the toy.

Once your child reaches the right age (three to five), they can begin operating the electric ride-on vehicle independently. These toys are an investment, and it’s great to watch your kids enjoy them for more than a few years.


Be aware of sharing the same frequency when using the vehicle around other remote control cars.

The Different Pricing and Colors

You may assume that the color of the ride-on vehicle won’t affect the price. Unfortunately, that’s not true. The cost differences based on paint stem from changes in supply and demand. Shades such as pink, blue, white, and black are the most popular and most expensive.

What the Voltages Mean

Numerous voltage types are available for electric kid’s ride-on toys: 6, 12, 24, and 36 voltage ratings. The different voltages will handle different terrains. If your child wants the ride-on vehicle to handle the grass, sidewalk, and parks, you should invest in a higher voltage. A lower voltage amount will suffice if your child only uses the ride-on indoors.

The voltage will also determine the toy’s speed and the duration of how long the battery lasts per charge. It also determines the price of the vehicle. A 24V ride-on car will cost more than a 12V, so keep this piece of information in mind.

A 12V battery is an ideal size when you’re searching.

The Cleaning Process

You’ll need to understand the process of wiping down and cleaning the electric ride-on toy. Each time your child uses the toy, let them know they’ll need to clean off any dust, mud, dirt, or other debris that may accumulate from the ride.

When it’s time for a deep clean, don’t spray water directly onto the car. You want to protect the longevity of the motor and battery. Instead, take a wet rag and scrub down the vehicle with soap. After the car is clean, take a dry rag to clear away any excess water.

How Many Seats Would You Like?

Larger electric ride-on cars are available in two-seater versions, but most come with one. The issue with the two-seater vehicles is the speed. Parents may also find their kids fighting over who gets to drive. You already deal with enough sibling bickering.

Another problem that typically arises with the two-seat options is their size. The larger models, like SUVs or off-road, are the only ones that are true two-seaters. They claim to have two seats, but it’s more like one and a half in reality.

Single seaters are space savers and are easier to drive around the house on rainy or cold days. Most one-seat options are large and spacious so that your child doesn’t feel cramped while having fun.

Child Safety

Lack of supervision can lead to falls, accidents, and other injuries. These are a few safety tips:

•Keep dangerous objects away from your kid during playtime.
•Don’t leave your child unattended while they’re operating the vehicle.
•Avoid crowded places.
•Steer clear of outdoor areas and streets where vehicles are present.
•Set up rules with your child about where they can go in their electric ride-on toy.
•Ensure your child wears proper protective gear. Understand the environment before engaging in outdoor or indoor play.
•Make sure the remote control and battery are working before use.

Special Features To Look For

Electric ride-on cars come with some extraordinary features. At Elegant Electronix, we have a great variety of ride-on cars with touchscreens. Your kids can use these screens to play music while they ride around in the yard. You can also find vehicles with Bluetooth connectivity, USB, or AUX ports.

Look for vehicles with working doors, horns, seatbelts, and lights. It makes kids feel like they’re in an actual car!

As parents, you want to provide the best toys for your children. Electric ride-on cars are a great mixture of imagination and thrill. Bear in mind these important things to know when buying a ride-on car, and this will be one toy they’ll safely enjoy for many years. Happy riding!


Important Things To Know When Buying a Ride-On Car

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