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How To Maximize Your Child’s Fun in Their Electric Car

By Alaoddin Ayyad February 15, 2022

How To Maximize Your Child’s Fun in Their Electric Car

Electric cars are extremely popular toys for children of all ages. There’s something fun and exciting about being able to drive a car when you’re a kid.

However, kids may become bored of the vehicles after their novelty wears off. Luckily, there are ways to bring joy back to these trendy toys and make them fun again. Try any of these ideas to maximize your child’s fun in their electric car, including the option of making the electric car go faster.

Set Up At-Home Race Tracks

Build a race track at home for your kids to enjoy feeling like their favorite Nascar or Formula 1 driver. Set up cones around a specific area of your yard or driveway. If you have more than one electric car, have your kids race them to see who’s faster or take turns with the vehicle and time each participant to see who can cross the finish line the quickest. Have small prizes waiting for first, second, and third place.

Make a Scavenger Hunt Around the Neighborhood

Another way to maximize your child’s fun in their electric car is to create a scavenger hunt. Take time to walk around the neighborhood and make a list of things your child or children drive around and search for with the electric car. You can go all out and create clues your child can use to figure out what they’re supposed to find next. Send them off with the list and let them enjoy searching for the items. Have a treasure ready for them to discover at the end of the scavenger hunt. Fill a bucket with sweet or savory treats that everyone can enjoy.

Create a Pretend Car Wash

Head to your local hardware store to pick up PVC pipes to build a homemade “car wash” for the electric car to drive through. You don’t actually want the car to get wet, but it’s fun to pretend! Set up a station at the end to detail the vehicle and add “wax” to keep the car looking fresh and clean.

Set Up an Obstacle Course

Find an open spot in your backyard to create an obstacle course that all the kids can enjoy. Start them off with a speed race from point A to point B. Then have them jump out of the electric car to hula hoop for 30 seconds. After that, have the kids jump over a set of hurdles and race back to the car to drive over the finish line.

Modify a Kid’s Electric Car To Go Faster

Another option is to supe up your child’s car to make it go faster. With the right modifications, you can make it go up to 18 mph or more. There are a couple of options available to boost the speed. These options range from a quick do-it-yourself job to hiring professionals who can install elaborate upgrades.

In order to conquer the do-it-yourself project, you need a basic understanding of electronics. You could be handling motors or batteries that require you to use specialized tools, such as soldering guns. Before trying any modifications, do extensive research from trusted sources.

If you want to upgrade the speed of your child’s electric car but aren’t interested in tackling the task yourself, you can turn to authorized repair services for battery-powered ride-ons. Some local handypersons can upgrade the vehicle for you.

Be sure you know the voltage of the car you have. It’s vital to confirm the voltage (V) to ensure you’re making the most appropriate and safest modifications.

Average Speeds for Different Electric Cars

 Kids' electric vehicles range from low voltage models that are appropriate for toddlers to rugged go-karts for teens and pre-teens. Check the rechargeable battery to confirm the voltage of the car.

Here’s a quick rule of thumb: 

• 6V vehicles are for indoor use only
• 12V cars can operate on sidewalks and driveways
• 24V and higher vehicles can handle uneven terrain and function more like a go-kart

Doubling the voltage on your kid’s car will increase the speed by a couple of miles per hour. A 6V will run at 2.5 mph, which is suitable for toddlers riding around indoors. A 12V can reach speeds up to 5 mph. This vehicle is best for children ages three to six. A 24V can reach a maximum speed of 8 mph and is safe for kids over six.

Safety Comes First

It’s crucial to remember basic safety precautions when you’re contemplating modifying your kid’s electric vehicle.

Any time you mess with the configuration of a car, you run the risk of the toy malfunctioning. There is an enhanced risk of the mechanisms breaking quickly or the battery burning out because the vehicle is not operating the way it was intended.

Before you begin with the adjustments, check for any flaws that will worsen with increased speed. Are the tires still intact? Is the car frame solid and free of significant structural damage? Do the axles look straight? Strongly consider if the ride-on car can withstand the extra power and adjustments.

Once you’ve made the decision, ensure you have the proper voltage for the weight and age of your child. Make sure the voltage is correct for the electric car’s environment.

You must also remember safety when your child is operating the electric vehicle. You should be present and watching any time your child plays with the car.

Encourage your child to wear a safety helmet while riding in the car. Creating this habit early on will protect their head if there’s an accident of any kind.

Does the Car Need Modifications?

If the vehicle seems to run slowly, it could be a failure of the car itself. 

Test the vehicle’s battery first. Charge it for at least eight hours to ensure a full charge and connect a voltmeter to check the battery. It should be close to the value of your battery. For example, a 12V battery should read around 12 volts.

Another consideration is whether your child has outgrown their car. If they have, the safest choice is to upgrade to a bigger vehicle altogether. Any modifications you try to make could be too much for the vehicle to withstand.

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How To Maximize Your Child’s Fun in Their Electric Car

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