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Why You Should Buy an Electronic Car for Kids From Us

By Alaoddin Ayyad February 27, 2019


If you’re looking for a state-of-the-art, modern, and tech-savvy electronic car for your kid, look no further than Elegant Electronix. We offer you and your child a fantastic experience that they will not only enjoy, but learn from as well due to the advancements that our models include. There is nothing that can be a better gift than an electronic car with an educational touch screen TV.

What makes our brand so different?

Elegant Electronix aims to ensure that our durable and easy to use product is well designed. These cool electric cars for kids are an investment you will surely want to make. We offer the following unique features:

  1. Official Licensing by The World’s Best Car Manufacturers

All of our electric cars have been officially licensed by companies like Maserati, Mercedes, and Pagani. This licensing ensures that the design of the electric car is nearly identical to the original model of the car made by the manufacturer. Thus, our electronic cars for kids are likely to look exactly like mini replicas of the originals. This licensing also ensures that the products are made only with the best materials, parts, and care. Companies like Mercedes and Maserati do not settle for less than perfect quality and neither should you or your little one. The level of detail present within our models, you are not going to find anywhere else.


  1. Slow Start Technology

Our main motto is to make electrical cars that are enjoyable for children but also safe at the same time. For this very purpose, not only do we comply with the official national safety requirements (ASTM F963 Compliant), our electric cars also have slow start technology. Once started, the car will not abruptly gain speed and drive off but instead will gradually gain momentum. You don’t have to worry about things like whiplash, which may be a risk with cheaper brands

  1. Remote Control for Parents

While there is a certain level of control that will be given to the driver of the toy depending on age, we offer kids’ ride-on cars with remote controls that are designed specifically for the parents. This will ensure that your child doesn’t wander off. It also allows you to protect them from afar as you can step in anytime you wish. Many alternative brands will not take into account this preventative measure that needs to be taken to ensure the safety of your child. Additionally, the parental remote feature allows kids as young as age 1 to enjoy these cars with full control being with the parent.


  1. Educational Screen Tablets on Dashboards

When you opt for a cheaper brand, you may lose out on features like a screen tablet installed in the dashboard. These tablets come with great content such as cartoons, lessons, and stories. You can also upload content of your baby’s choice via USB or SD card.


  1. 5 Point Harness

The seats installed in the majority of our electronic cars for kids also have a five point harness that will strap your kid tightly into the seat, much like a normal child’s car seat. This is an extra measure we have taken to ensure that, while driving, your kid is safe in case they hit any bumps.


  1. Leather Seats

What is a Mercedes without leather seats? In order to ensure that your child gets the full experience, we even have leather seats in most of our cars to give them the extra edge they need.


  1. LED Lights

A car is not complete if it does not have lights, even if it is a toy car. We improved our design to include led lights that will give the child the feeling of driving an actual car. You can switch them on and off, depending on the time of the day.

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