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10 Ways To Encourage Your Kids To Play Outside

By Brian Hong March 11, 2024

10 Ways To Encourage Your Kids To Play Outside

In an era where screens dominate much of our time, encouraging children to play outside has become more crucial than ever. But outdoor play isn’t just about your child getting fresh air and sunshine. It’s also a fundamental activity that contributes to a kid’s physical, emotional, and social development. Read on to learn about 10 ways to encourage your kids to play outside so that they will put down their gadgets and enjoy the great outdoors.

Ease Them Into Outdoor Play

One way to encourage outdoor play is by easing them into it gently. Making an abrupt shift from their usual activities might seem too jarring and make them more resistant. Instead, start with short, enjoyable outings that spark their interest.

For example, try sending them on a scavenger hunt in your backyard or asking them to identify different types of plants. These simple steps can gradually increase their appreciation for the outdoors, making them more inclined to spend time outside.

Cut Down on Their TV Time

One of the most straightforward strategies to encourage outdoor play is by reducing the amount of time that your kids spend in front of their TV, computer, or phone screens. However, this doesn’t mean that you must impose abrupt restrictions, as they might lead to your kids experiencing frustration. Instead, try gradually decreasing screen time and replacing it with outdoor activities.

For example, try setting specific “no screen” times during the day that can establish a routine that includes outdoor play. You can encourage this transition by suggesting alternative activities that they can only do outside, such as riding a bike.

Let Them Bring Their Toys Outside

Allowing children to take their favorite indoor toys outside can greatly enhance their interest in outdoor activities. Whether it’s action figures, dolls, or even board games, playing with them in a new environment adds an exciting twist and encourages them to put their imaginations to work.

This strategy bridges the gap between indoor comfort and outdoor adventures, making the outside seem more like an extension of their indoor play area. By integrating familiar objects into outdoor play, children are more likely to want to spend time outside, exploring and engaging with the world around them.

Give Them Toys Specifically for the Outdoors

Introducing new toys that manufacturers have designed for outdoor use can be a game-changer in motivating kids to play outside. For example, try investing in products such as electric cars for kids that will significantly pique a child’s interest in outdoor activities.

These vehicles will allow them to pretend that they’re having an adventure as they drive around in their miniature vehicles. By presenting these toys as special outdoor-only options, children will associate the outside with excitement and new play opportunities, further enticing them to step out and explore.

Take Part in Their Outdoor Play

Participating in outdoor play is another great way to encourage your kids to play outside. By doing so, you reinforce the notion that playing outside is enjoyable and rewarding. You will also model positive behavior for your little ones and show that the outdoors isn’t just for kids.

Your participation can be especially motivating, as children often love to share experiences and playtime with their parents or guardians. It will allow you to send the powerful message that valuing and enjoying the natural world is a lifelong practice, not just a childhood pastime.

Teach Them Outdoor Games

As you play with them outside, make sure to introduce them to classic outdoor games, such as tag, hide and seek, or hopscotch. These games require no special equipment and offer endless fun while promoting physical activity and social interaction. By teaching them the rules and actively participating with them, you’ll foster a love for these timeless activities and deepen your bond with them.

Have Them Help With Outdoor Jobs

Getting children involved in outdoor chores, such as gardening, raking leaves, or washing the car, can also serve as a constructive way to spend more time outside. You can even turn these activities into engaging tasks by setting small, achievable goals and rewarding them for their efforts. This approach encourages outdoor activity and instills a sense of accomplishment and pride in their contributions.

Encourage Them To Invite Friends to Outdoor Play

Creating social outdoor play dates can be a powerful motivator for children to spend more time outside. When kids can invite their friends to play outdoors, it turns the experience into a shared adventure, enhancing the fun and excitement.

This encourages them to be more active and helps in developing their social skills and teamwork abilities. Playing games like soccer makes outdoor time irresistibly fun, fostering a love for being outside in a naturally engaging way. It’s a simple yet effective strategy to minimize screen time and promote physical activity.

Have Them Play With the Family Pet Outdoors

Engaging your children in outdoor playtime with the family pet can serve multiple purposes. It encourages them to spend more time outside and strengthens the bond between your child and their favorite animal. Have them take walks together or do other activities that can be immensely enjoyable and physically engaging for your child and their pet.

Go on Trips to Outdoor Destinations

Exploring new outdoor destinations, such as local parks, nature reserves, or beaches, can significantly increase a child’s desire to play outside. These trips offer fresh and exciting environments to discover, providing endless opportunities for adventure and learning. By exposing children to the beauty and diversity of the natural world, you nurture their curiosity and help them develop a love for the outdoors that can last a lifetime.

Encouraging children to play outside is an investment in their holistic well-being, cultivating strong physical health, emotional resilience, and a vibrant imagination. Elegant Electronix can help you develop a fondness for the outdoors with our luxury kids’ cars and motorcycles, which come with parental remotes and seatbelts to keep them safe. We can help you find the perfect vehicle for your child as they discover the many joys of outdoor play.

10 Ways To Encourage Your Kids To Play Outside

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